“A rare guitarist…

“A rare guitarist, totally possessed by art; he plays the “music of notes”, he communicates with the invisible; in a deeply moving event in which everything depends on the guitar as the interpreter of words that would seem impossible to be uttered by an instrument. Thank you Roberto, music thanks you!”

– Roberto Taufic’s YouTube channel

“I loved the CD and I loved your playing when we were together in Germany. Your singing is great, too, it’s an integral part of your playing. You have a great touch and a beautiful sense of rythm and of course you are very lyrical without neglecting your technique. So, you are a complete musician, a complete composer and arranger and on the whole you have a very, very bright future! I can’t wait to hear you again and see how you will have progressed.”
(L. Coryell)

”Your recording is excellent and your sound is beautiful. I am very, very impressed. Congratulations Roberto! An incredible piece of work.”
(Robert Godin)

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