Duo Taufic

Roberto Taufic & Eduardo Taufic

The Duo Taufic is the result of the union of two experienced musicians, Roberto and Eduardo Taufic celebrating a more than familiar partnership. The versatility and the peculiar sound of the Duo reveals the musical knowledge acquired over the years and the immense creative content provided by the dialogue between the guitar and the piano. Descendants of Arabians, the two Taufic brothers awakened a love of music since childhood, always encouraged by their parents and family.

Photo: Raul Gama

The new CD called “D’Anima“, released in 2018, is completely inspired by the power of music to constantly change the world into an even better place, spiritually and humanly evolved where the energy and the power of music break the limits of the sound to touch the soul of the ones who listen to It. Thus D’Anima arose, which in Italian means “from the soul”. Once again the Duo Taufic impresses the listener with new compositions always focusing on strong melodies and ingrained on the special sound of the Duo, masterfully orchestrating the piano and the guitar in the service of a common space, a full harmony and a clear and true sounding. It features thirteen songs, eleven authorial and 2 reinterpretations: “O Último Pau De Arara” by Corumbá and Venâncio, and “Lôro” by Egberto Gismonti, who is also honored with the track that names the album: “D’Anima”.

Painting by José Taufic Hasbun (Eduardo and Roberto’s father)

The first original work of the Duo was released in 2011 on the album “Bate Rebate” also released in special edition in Japan. Their careers took geographically different paths, promoting the absorption of such a diverse as rich sonority, showing a perfect harmony in a pleasant Music chat between the two musicians. The Duo Taufic is full of spontaneity and improvisation, Brazilianness and lyricism, rhythms and colors, limpid melodies that are amplified in the soul of those who listen to it. The two brothers show all their musical excellence in the beautiful and sophisticated sound where the thread of the work is the respect and affection for universal music without limits, without labels and without missing the strong cultural influence of northeastern Brazil.

– Duo Taufic’s YouTube channel

The second album of the duo, called “Todas as Cores” and released in 2015, is a layered work on emotion and virtuosity, sensitivity and commitment to good music that, as the title suggests, expresses the different possibilities of rhythm combinations, sounds and influences. Even more engaging, this album brings a booklet with comments, track by track, by the giant of Brazilian music Egberto Gismonti.

The Duo Taufic also recorded a CD with the Italian singer Barbara Casini, in 2016, called “Terras“, and another CD with the Brazilian singer Paula Santoro, called “Nada será como antes“, released in 2018.

The Duo Taufic was born in mid-2008, where the two brothers met for the first time on the same stage to play only with each other, marking the beginning of this musical partnership. The Duo Taufic has been performing on the best stages of the world.

Duo Taufic website (duotaufic.net)

“The Duo Taufic is totally affectionate, friendly, loving, overflowing good feelings with great music played by the Taufic Brothers who seem to be 1 in 2 or 2 on 1 … The tone they manage in unison is beautiful, orchestral! The music gushes like abundant source, countless points of spring, fresh water, clear, harmonious and affectionate. It seems to represent a love that worked out, which has no rivalry or doubt. It is supportive, righteous and accomplice. The Duo Taufic ́s music is beautiful, better than words is hearing it so many times until the heart soften and cry a lot. Phew, amazing!”
(Egberto Gismonti)

“These brothers, Roberto and Eduardo, music twins, are just brilliant. Only twins can play, breathe, sweat, make dynamic as they do in their concerts. It is a pride for all our musical class to see that Brazil produces musicians like these two. I confess myself a complete fan of this twin pair of music and sensitivity”
(Roberto Menescal)

“Roberto and Eduardo Taufic drank the light of Natal and returned in the form of music, guiding us towards the best ways. Offshore lighthouses, treble clef and moon … Hands full of affection and virtuosity united by fate and predestined to create beauty!”

“Two brothers like I’ve rarely seen. How they love each other … (and make us know that through chords, melodies, silences, vents, gestures, cries, laughter and musical chuckle). And how beautifully they talk! With a crystalline and clear affection flowing from heart to heart, no noise, no filters. Voice of the natural instrument, necessary and clear: sound that hits and hit again, echoes, resonates and amplifies in the soul of the listeners. And it makes us happy. That’s how good music is… made with much love, talent, care, rigor and spontaneity”
(André Mehmari)

“The music of the Taufic brothers is very well played! Great quality and versatility”
(Hermeto Pascoal)

“It’s great to hear well played music, from ones who know how to do It! Do not stop ever!”
(Ivan Lins)