Eles & Eu – Solo Concert

After many years of experience in the musical context, guitarist and composer Roberto Taufic releases his first solo guitar CD, “Eles & Eu”, that is “Them & I”: fifteen interpretations of various authors –“Eles”– and twelve original compositions –“Eu”- played by six magic strings disclosing a great artistic maturity, fluid combination of sound, arrangement, technique and improvisation.

With a rhythmic and playful style as well as lyrical and tinged with saudade, “Eles & Eu” translates Roberto’s emotional labyrinth and carries it direct to the auditory labyrinth of the listener. From the original tracks to the Brazilian standards by Guinga, Chico Buarque, Edu Lobo and Tom Jobim; from the jazz of Monk and Metheny to Chopin’s Nocturne, the warm and delicate timbre of Roberto’s guitar goes straight to the heart of emotion, without ever loosing sight of the intimate communication between the audience and the musician.

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“Roberto is a complete musician. He has impeccable technique for the essence of music, an intense harmonic acquaintance and an incredible sense of rhythm.  Actually, where rhythm is concerned, it has to be emphasized that Roberto comes from the northeast of Brazil and has profoundly assimilated all the rhythm elements of that region, like the samba-de-côco, the baião, the xote, the frevo and the maracatu. This custom has been transformed into a great musical bag that gives place to his expression and character. Now Roberto surprises us with an extremely high quality new project. He has opted to express himself in the more transparent form – guitar only – and has chosen a balanced repertoire of the finest caliber. Besides this, he introduces his musical thoughts through original compositions and personal arrangements and explores, in a special way, the orchestral aspects of his instrument. “The guitar is a small orchestra”, once quoted by a great French composer. Here the guitar alone succeeds to represent the more popular methods between the numerous combinations. A whole orchestra exists in the guitar and through this it is possible to grasp every timbre shading and every harmonic moment. This is the new project by Roberto: clean, transparent and with extremely good taste. I am very happy, honoured and emotional to be collaborating in the release of this high level CD.  Good luck Roberto!” (Marco Pereira)

– Roberto Taufic’s solo playlist

“Roberto Taufic is one of the nicest surprises that can happen when you think you have already seen and heard it all. I was impressed while listening to this incredible musician, that I haven’t personally met yet but that I must see to find out if what I listened to was for real. After I listened to his Cd “Eles”, I had to write him in order to ask, “But did you do that recording of Upa Neguinho in more than one take or not?” With the simplicity that is typical only of the greats, he responded that it had been done in one single take, and that the Cd had been recorded in two days! I feel sorry for Robert, because he has nothing else to learn about his instrument, while I have the advantage of being able to live through three more reincarnations studying to try to come close to my “XARÁ” (Portuguese, one who shares the same name).” (Roberto Menescal)