Eles & Eu — Solo Concert

After many years of experience in the musical context, guitarist and composer Roberto Taufic releases his first solo guitar CD, “Eles & Eu”, that is “Them & I”: fifteen interpretations of various authors –“Eles”– and twelve original compositions –“Eu”- played by six magic strings disclosing a great artistic maturity, fluid combination of sound, arrangement, technique and improvisation.

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Duo Taufic

Roberto Taufic & Eduardo Taufic

“The Duo Taufic is totally affectionate, friendly, loving, overflowing good feelings with great music played by the Taufic Brothers who seem to be 1 in 2 or 2 on 1 … The tone they manage in unison is beautiful, orchestral! The music gushes like abundant source, countless points of spring, fresh water, clear, harmonious and affectionate. It seems to represent a love that worked out, which has no rivalry or doubt. It is supportive, righteous and accomplice. The Duo Taufic’s music is beautiful, better than words is hearing it so many times until the heart soften and cry a lot. Phew, amazing! (Egberto Gismonti)

The Duo Taufic is full of spontaneity and improvisation, Brazilianness and lyricism, rhythms and colors, limpid melodies that are amplified in the soul of those who listen to it.

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Roberto Taufic/Gabriele Mirabassi DUO

Here are two masters, just turned into their 50s, both of them having absorbed music pretty much since birth, through their ears, but also eyes and bodies, because there is a good deal of dance involved in these sounds as well. That alternative answer might lead you to expect a dense, laden sound, as the playing partners try to pack as much information as possible into each track, but of course the reality is very different. 

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Roberto Taufic / Cristina Renzetti / Gabriele Mirabassi

The three musicians handle this popular material focusing on the values of chamber music and the care of sound, deep respect for the text and, at the same time, the freedom and inclination to dialogue and listening, typical of their common jazz background.

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StringsGame — Roberto Taufic/Luigi Tessarollo Duo

The sound of the duo is based on the contrasts of the instruments they use, with the combination of sonorities both acoustic and electric. Their mutual interest for Brazilian and jazz music, for the mediterranean melodies and unusual rhythms, permitted this union and the accomplishment of a repertoire in which the choice and the performance of the pieces lets stand out their different expressive personalities from the compositional point of view as well as arranging and improvisation.

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Tres Mundos – Taufic/Beccalossi/Buschini

A trio mixing and intercepting ideas, cultures, sounds and rhythms of the places of origin: Italy, Brazil and Argentina, rich in artistic ideas and different musical colors, which is surprising also for the intense interplay and energy that it can convey to the audience and the listener. 

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